Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Even A Crimnal Can Add Value

In order to get rich, one has add value to the lives of other people. Note that the term "add value" is a very subjective term. It need not be in terms of academic qualifications. Neither is it necessary to be in terms of job experience. "Adding value" can be as simple as having the gift of gab. Alternatively, it could be as easy as possessing a rare skill.

Initially, I was pleasantly surprised to find out the Ex-NKF Chairman T T Durai got himself a new job so soon. Actually, I realized that I shouldn't be. From a moral perspective, earning 600k a month from a charity is dead wrong.

Get it right: You can add value to an organisation even if you are a crimnal.

However, the fact that he is able to pull off a successful charity campaign year after year shows that there is substance in him. From a marketing perspective he is successful. Therefore, it is no wonder that a company in Abu Dhabi hired him for business.

As people always say,"For every door that closes, there will a window that opens". This saying is indeed true.'/Video%2BNews/Singapore/STIVodcast_2584.html?playid=2584&type=Top', 'multimedia', 'width=850, height=625'); void('');

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We Came To Earth To Serve

People may baulk at the term 'serve'. After all, serving is associated with the sales and retail industry. In this blog post, 'serve' has a different significance. 'Serve' refers to playing our part on this earth as children of god.

'Children of god' is a ubiquitous word to many. Are you aware that the universe wishes to express itself through you? Are you aware that you come to earth to serve others and to make the Earth a better place?

Even billionaires are not an exception. Bill Gates founded Microsoft and invented computer chips so that the world can be a better place. The world ended up not relying on paper that much. The same theory applies when you get a job. You get an amount of money in return for your service to the company. We came here to serve.

Besides Bill Gates, other multi-millionaires do serve their people. In an article, Billionaires connect with the masses, the richest man in Turkey helped build primary schools and dormitories in poor parts of turkey. Such people are the true children of god who make a difference in the live of others.

We, as children of god, are not on Earth to spend a happy 70 years vacation. We got a job on this planet. The universe is watching every single one of us. We are on earth to serve others.

The Silva Life System is an inspiring program which explains much of our spiritual existence. For instance, it explains how you can find your purpose for coming into this earth using meditation. Other metaphysical questions are explained as well. Visit it at

Friday, January 4, 2008

Implementation Of The Thought Mantra

Those who are familiar with The Law Of Attraction will no doubt understand that negative thoughts must be countered using positive thoughts at all costs. The common problem people face is not knowing what they should do when they are not confident enough to reinforce the positive thought.

If your positive thought is not filled with a punch of confidency it is not gonna work...

So what should you be doing?

Simple. Just 'cancel' the negative thought which came into your head. Whenever a negative thought creeps into your head, quickly say "cancel cancel" a few times to yourself.

Thus, your subconscious will sort out which are 'good' and which are 'bad' thoughts.

This thought mantra is especially useful in the event when your positive thought is 'weaker' than your negative thought.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

During The Christmas Season

Is this post about the Law Of Attraction? It definitely is. This article on expertclick explains why we must give to receive. This article explains that god's created us so that we can help others. In return, manifestation of desire will only come to us when we consciously give. We must give before we can receive. When we become givers, we feel an affinity to god.

The Secret Of Getting What You Want.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Charity Is Bad!

This provocative article espouses us not to help "stupid", "non-hardworking" as well as charity. You may not agree with the article says but it sure is gonna raise some eyebrows. This article agrees that the weak is weak because they cannot compete with the strong. It envisions charity as something taken advantage of. Do Enjoy!

Mind Reality.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mesmerism & Hypnosis

The Law Of Attraction is related is related to the power of suggestion. The URL below gives the story of an asthmatic who had to stay in a new hotel room out of town. He subsequently broke a window to get a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, it was just a grandfather clock which he broke! The power of thought helped to alleviate a fatal asthma attack.

Here is the URL depicting How The Power Of Suggestion Is Related To The Law Of Attraction.

Monday, December 10, 2007

FEAR- False Emotions Appearing Real

Why do we sometimes fail to manifest? Why is it that what we fear ALWAYS happen? And what should we do about it?

Fear is an emotion just like any other. We experience, anger, hatred, lust love and a diverse range emotions. Fear is no exception. It is also charged up with vibrational energy.

How does fear attack people? Fear is a vicious cycle when one's energy 'collapses' when you withdraw your energy from the perceived source of threat. When your energy 'retreats' from the threat, your energy will then collapse even further.

What should we do about this? The answer is simple. Allow your thoughts to go FORWARD and confront the conflict. Direct your thoughts in confronting your fear and NOT avoid it.

This principle is also highlighted in the book "The Power of Thought". One of the techniques used to curb procrastination is to focus your thoughts on the issue to be resolved. NEVER ever sidestep the issue through thought.

After that, get yourself busy and banish all worry!

P.S. The Secret Of Achieving a Calm Mind will aid you in your spiritual quest!
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